Clinical Naturopath Bel Rowntree on pre- and postnatal care

Caia Editorial Team

If you follow us on our socials, you've probably heard about our partnership with BodyIce. As part of this, we've come together to bring a video series with a couple of our practitioners. Based on their area of work, they share some insights/tips/advice with you expecting and new mums! First off the block is Bel…

Introducing Bel:

  • Bel is a Clinical Naturopath currently practicing in Melbourne. With a particular passion for providing evidence-based Naturopathic support to women, she's had the pleasure of helping a lot of pregnant women and new mums as their bodies change and recover. And with a broader interest in working with women struggling with chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, hormonal conditions and skin orders, Bel also has a lot of knowledge and experience across a range of other conditions too!

Watch these clips to hear about these topics + more:

  • Tips for perineal healing
  • Nutritional advice for tissue healing and recovery
  • Tips for relieving engorgement pain and preventing mastitis

We hope you find it useful and if you have any more questions for Bel, you can book an appointment with her here. For support in other areas during the pregnancy and postpartum stages, check out Caia's holistic network of health practitioners here. And if you are looking for something to provide relief both pre and post birth, we highly recommend checking out BodyICE Woman's ice and heat packs!