Meet Caia.

Dr. Cortina McCurry
4min read

Caia, an on demand health and wellbeing solution for women and their families, is born from my own lived experiences.

I spent the past decade as a busy management consultant travelling around the world. For a long time, work came first. I struggled finding the time to prioritise my health, often placing the needs of my clients over my own. “I’m too busy” was my go-to mantra. I didn’t want to take time off, juggle client meetings, team check ins and navigate traffic, only to spend over an hour waiting to see a doctor who usually had time for one or two questions before rushing me out the door at the ten minute mark.

My father-in-law (a doctor) became my “GP-on-demand” and my mother-in-law (a midwife/nurse practitioner) was only a video call away. They became indispensable.

The calls ramped up when I became pregnant and gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl as I struggled to understand what was normal and what was not with my body and hers. I had so many questions: How to feed her? Help her grow? What to feed myself? The thought that I was being given this little miracle to bring home and somehow keep, clean, fed, (alive!) and cared for was overwhelming.

I was lucky, not every woman has family members with medical training a call away.

Women today are busier than ever. In the next 5 years women will contribute over $5 trillion in earned income. They juggle building businesses and professional careers, care of children and elderly parents, they care about social issues, want to give back to their communities and protect the future for their children.

In fact, 82% of women say they put off seeking medical help, for many because they’re too busy at work.

Women also have very specific health needs. We have more complex reproductive systems (we grow and sustain life!) but women are also more prone to chronic illnesses. Medical research has a gender gap. Despite females reacting differently to drugs and treatment, women have typically been excluded from toxicology and biomedical research. It was only in 1993 that the US National Institute of Health mandated that women be included in clinical trials. Yet still today many conditions that typically affect women (such as endometriosis) are still mysterious and often misdiagnosed. Female chronic pain is often dismissed or normalised.

While this all sounds very touchy feely, it has a real economic impact.

43% of women leave full-time work within the first year of their first child. Over 75% of those women wish they hadn’t had to. The number one reason that women do opt out is the lack of support.

A study by the British Medical Journal, showed that woman working with pelvic pain resulted in an average 8.9 days of lost productivity a year. By 2025, it is estimated 1 billion women globally will be going through menopause, and for many women this is occurring at the peak of their careers. For those experiencing symptoms, about 75% of those seeking support are left untreated. This is at a cost of $8.1billion to society.

Even when women aren’t the patient, they are the caregiver with over 50% being solely responsible for the household. We are seeing the rise of The Sandwich Generation, responsible for their kids on one side and their ageing parents on the other. The cost to productivity to help manage the care of ageing parents remains unquantified.

Caia aims to change all that.

We believe that better outcomes emerge from improved body literacy and supporting women to self advocate.

Caia wants to take the stress and inconvenience out of healthcare. We want to bring a wide range of health and wellness options closer to you through an easy and convenient video platform with a focus on compassionate and human care.

We’ve deliberately sought out experts in all areas of women’s health from lactation consultants and sleep coaches, nutritionists and medical professionals. We want to make sure at every life stage and for every health preference and condition, Caia can be there to support you.

By making it easier for women to connect with high quality healthcare, we want women everywhere to lead happier, healthier lives and build a happier, healthier more joyous world.

We are currently offering consultations as a part of our beta phase and building our network of practitioners and services. We are excited to have you by our side as we embark on this journey to revolutionise women’s health.

Caia is open for business.