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We make it easy to support the real life needs of the modern workforce.

Your employees show up each day to give you the best version of themselves. However, the reality is they may be bringing along health challenges, family pressures, and other burdens that they may not openly share. As a result their productivity may be impacted.

Caia is here to help you easily support your employees as they navigate some of life's biggest transitions. Without support, trying to manage it all can take a toll on mental and physical wellbeing. Which ultimately means less productive and engaged employees for you.

The future of work is holistic

Employees can access a trusted network of women's and family health experts all from within an easy to use App
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1:1 support from trusted experts
Fully personalised App to support individual needs
Prescriptions delivered to door
Employer benefits in one place

A fully virtual and customisable solution

We can have you up and running with a company branded solution to support your employees in less than 48 hours. Here are 5 reasons to use Caia in your organisation...

1. Ask Caia anything

We are here to answer questions big and small and help you stay engaged with your employees

It's the little questions which turn into big questions if unanswered that are often the most important. Our concierge chat functionality allows your employees to get quick responses from health and wellbeing experts, HR, and line managers in App.

2. 1:1 support from trusted experts

A wellbeing sherpa at your finger tips

Our network of empathetic and trusted experts forms a dedicated care team of support around your employee. Individuals and families can connect via text or video chat with a holistic set of clinical, behavioural, and mental wellbeing experts in App. Our solution is secure and encrypted end to end to ensure that all support provided is private and confidential.

3. Fully personalised

A tailored experience for each employee

Employees come in all shapes and sizes. Our intelligent guide saves time and makes it easy for employees to get the support they need by taking in their life stage and needs and directing them to personalised content, and support. Access hundreds of of ‘1 minute read articles, videos, & mindfulness exercises, plus personalised guides all from within the App.

4. Prescriptions direct to door

We make it easy to stay on top of the little things so your employees can focus on what's important

Prescriptions & health essentials available in app that can be delivered to a pharmacy of their choice or at home for convenience, discretion and time saving.

5. Employer benefits in one place

Improve utilisation of employee benefits

In app consolidation of existing employer-provided benefits helps to provide transparency and increase usage of services your employees have access to but rarely take full advantage of. Avoid outdated intranet portals. Dust off all the great benefits you have to provide employees and load them into the App.

Why Caia is good business

We go beyond traditional 'nice to have' wellness benefits by offering data-driven support

Better engagement

Support and remain connected with employees through pregnancy, return to work and parenthood

performance UPLIFT

Better support means a reduction in both absenteeism and presenteeism, while increasing productivity

Improve retention

See a 20% increase in retention and make progress towards better gender equality

Attract talent

Enhance your reputation as women & family friendly employer by providing innovative, modern support.

Ready to take your support for working parents to the next level?

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